What We Do

At some point in time, every company reaches a critical point where difficult decisions have to be taken to either save the business or to close it down permanently. During a significant decline in business performance, the most valuable asset a company has is TIME. The illustration here shows the necessary actions required as a company’s financial situation deteriorates from left to right.

The quicker vital changes are made, the greater the chance of success. In contrast, the longer a company waits to make necessary changes, the more drastic the required actions and the less likely it will survive.

If brought in at an early stage, we can provide Strategic Consulting to increase business performance and bring financial losses back into profitability again. In today’s business environment, innovation, disruptive technology and changes happen at a faster and faster rate. Many companies including some of the largest, most recognized brands can find themselves struggling to survive if they don’t adapt quickly enough.

On the other hand, dramatic improvements can be made by choosing the proper strategy and refocusing the company on what’s most important for their business. While others are trying to keep pace with the industry, we prefer to change the rules and innovate to let your competitors do the chasing.

When a company’s core business has been in serious decline, a business renovation or corporate makeover may be required. Companies that cling to the status quo may eventually end up out of business. There comes a certain time when companies need to reinvent themselves or risk being left behind.

Many can see this as a scary proposition, however we prefer to look at it as a tremendous opportunity to transform the business into what it should have been all along.

A crisis can threaten a business’ survival at anytime. Sometimes it occurs suddenly when least expected, other times it can develop unnoticed over a long period of time. Whatever the case may be, when a crisis erupts it needs to be managed quickly and decisively. As a crisis develops, it can send shockwaves of panic and stress rippling throughout the company. This often leads to indecisiveness and ineffective decision-making, thus prolonging the crisis. And the longer the crisis is allowed to continue, the more difficult it becomes to manage. Worse still, with everyone so focused on the crisis, opportunities for success are completely missed.

When we are managing crises, we are at home in our natural environment. We thrive in challenging conditions and find that the biggest opportunities for not only managing the crisis, but for sustainable long term growth are in plain site.

Even companies with the best business ideas and all the future potential can end up in financial distress on the verge of collapse. The most common reasons are companies growing too quickly too soon, overstretching their financial means, taking risky strategies that don’t pay off or just plain bad luck.

During times of financial distress, TIME becomes a precious resource that must not be wasted. If measure are taken quickly, the company can be turned around and saved. Unfortunately many underestimate the severity of the situation, react too late, pass the point of no return and the company eventually goes out of business.

When we take on a turnaround assignment, our goal is not just to turn the company around but to establish long term growth that will eventually make the company stronger than ever.