How it all started

Turning businesses around is a passion. It is so incredibly difficult to do, that it has to be. This is why very few attempt it and even less succeed at it.

For me, it all started several years back working for a multi-national corporation with a $30 billion turnover. The position was responsible for selling, delivering and supporting large scale customer contracts directly impacting the company’s top and bottom lines.

As circumstances would have it, the very first assignment was to take over one of the largest and riskiest customer engagements within the corporation. Let me be honest, this was the single most difficult task in my career up until this point in time. Imagine working 70+ hours a week for 4 straight months, constant problems with multiple suppliers, new complex technical problems popping up everyday, angry customers, more and more team members getting burned out by the day, with millions at risk, time running out, barely getting any sleep and incredibly close to giving up, admitting failure and quitting.

A challenge like this not only pushes one to the breaking point, but in essence defines and shapes a person’s character. After several temptations to give up and quit, I decided to stick it out and through sheer perseverance things finally started to fall into place.

It was a surreal feeling when the goals and expectations originally set out were not only met but exceeded and the business was expanded.  It is impossible to describe what I learned about myself, about how a business is supposed to function end to end, top to bottom and how a dysfunctional organization could be transformed to deliver superior business performance. For me however, the most rewarding experience was looking at unmotivated, highly-stressed, burned out employees and seeing the inspiration to win, motivation to succeed light up in their eyes.

After this initial success, the assignments became more like rescue missions involving at first larger, riskier and more complex customer contracts and soon after full scale business programs and entire organizations in trouble all over the world. Surprisingly, no matter what the business or where in the world, the similarities between these rescue missions was unmistakable. Even more surprising was the fact that despite implementing major changes, these organizations remained in serious trouble for years before my arrival.

After several successful rescues, the realization that there are very few people in the world that can turn businesses around was what convinced me that this is something that must be shared with the rest of the world. This was what inspired me to start Silvermane Consulting, as a means to help companies not only get back to profitability but to achieve superior business performance over the long term.

Roger Silvermane, CEO and Founder