Company Description

Getting Businesses Roaring to Life

Silvermane Consulting is a privately owned investment and management consulting company specializing in corporate turnarounds, crisis management and business performance innovation. We leverage unique experience with a broad network of industrial resources and partnership networks to renew companies during times of crises, disasters, financial distress and economic downturns so they emerge as much stronger and healthier businesses.

Since what we do is highly specialized and very difficult, we are a niche organization in our own market. Our main strategy is to guide small and medium sized corporations through their most difficult challenges and elevate them to new levels of business performance. Our clients range from family owned businesses to publicly listed corporations as well as private equity firms and venture capitalists.

Our Values

Client First

We do whatever it takes to make our clients successful, in this business we have to. There is a reason why we have virtually no competition: Turning a company around is not only difficult, it is also very risky when we invest our own capital. In other words, if our clients don’t succeed, neither do we.


Being honest with our clients, being honest with ourselves. This is the first vital step towards true change, finding opportunities in the worst disasters and realizing groundbreaking innovation.


Always behave professionally, respect local regulations, laws, customs and cultures.


Due to the nature of our work, we have the highest respect for our clients’ rights regarding non-disclosure and therefore hold all client information in the strictest confidence.