Turning financial losses into more than $1 billion in renewed business

Across Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and the Middle East, turning disasters into fortunes, transforming the financial crisis into ultimate opportunities, reversing losses into profit - Get Your Business Roaring to Life

Improving Business Performance by $35 million in India

From 7 years of uncertainty to a 267% increase in sales in Morocco

Transforming a 2 year crisis into $80 million of new business in Japan

Egypt - Turning around a local disaster to $140 million in global sales

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Corporate Turnaround, Crisis Management, Business Makeovers and Transformations

As a business leader, you should be very proud of the contributions that your company has made to society. Healthy businesses contribute in many ways that are taken for granted: employees spend salaries in other consumer businesses, corporate and income taxes improve schooling and healthcare for children and the elderly, loans paid back to banks can be used to finance other companies, corporate income is used to pay suppliers, contractors and other businesses which in turn create even more jobs etc.

In contrast, company closures cause not only economic damage but communities can be socially devastated. The damage can propagate into an increasing number of unemployed workers, diminishing tax revenues, deteriorating social welfare, the inability to pay suppliers can cause further bankruptcies, loan losses by banks limiting capital access to other promising companies, closing down more businesses, leading to even higher levels of unemployment etc.

At some point in a company’s lifetime, there will be a critical moment where it will need to fight for survival.  Whether caused by changes in technology, technological disruptions, economic downturns, financial crises or a whole host of other reasons, it is inevitable. How a company manages this critical moment will determine whether it emerges as a stronger healthier business or if it will be shut down.

This is where we come in. We thrive during moments of crisis as the greatest opportunities for explosive growth are available during these times.

At Silvermane Consulting, rewards come not from turning around a vital business, but in seeing the jobs that we save, the new jobs that get created, the lives we enrich, the renewal of billions in investments leading to better standards of living for entire communities and in knowing that we helped make positive contributions for future generations.